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October 15, 2018Brett Heinrich0
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In late 2017 while sitting in a crowded caravan park the Station Hoppers Movement (Facebook group) was born to ensure that people didn’t make the same mistakes I did!

I crated the group called “Station Hoppers Australia” that is a community of likeminded travellers and sharing those amazing places and experiences for everyone to enjoy

The group has exploded to over 42,000 members who love the outback and want to Experience all that Australia has to offer and not being stuck in a fully loaded caravan park! A movement that encourages people to get out and experience Stations and outback camping!

This type of Camping very often requires campers to be self-sufficient in many ways, including the ability to keep power up to all those essential items like the fridge to keep the beers and wine cold!

With our set up, we run a portable battery box in the back of the ute that is charged through the car as a second battery. This is a great set up for us as our car is a company car and gets swapped over every few years so being portable is important to us. Our 120A battery box will run our fridge for a couple days but just won’t quite get us through that 4 day weekend so we were looking for a solution!

The REDARC 160W Monocrystaline Folding Solar panel accompanied by a REDARC  20A Solar regulator was a great choice for us!  As we all know there are a million different solar panels on the market all at varying price points but when you get your hand on these REDARC products it’s obvious of the build quality. Everything from the latches holding it together to the storage case that they come in. The actual panel features ‘A’ grade highly efficient German SolarWorld® Monocrystalline cells. The panels lightweight design includes adjustable legs which allows you to move it around easily chasing the sun.

You just can’t question the quality and reliability of these things and for us when we are off the grid, we just don’t need to worry of things not working so REDARC was a great solution.

I am no tech expert or electrical guru so this plug and play solution that have from REDARC is just plugged in through a couple of Anderson plugs and the only thing I need to worry about is making sure that folding panel is in the sun, leaving me more time to catch fish and enjoy a cold beer!

If you love caravan and camping off the beaten track and the Station Hoppers movement is something you are interested in please join our Facebook group at

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