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January 8, 2019Brett Heinrich1

Now it’s no secret that I love camping products and my partner would say that we carry everything apart from the kitchen sink when we head away, but in saying that all my gadgets I see are necessitates! Solar panels, recovery gear, fridges, Batteries, swags ect you know how it goes…….all things you need to keep the camp running smoothly!

When I was hit up by my partner to buy a hot water service (we have 2 small kids) my initial reaction was one of “why do we need that?” We can all go a few days without a shower and I’m struggling to find room in the back of the ute as it is. Last thing I want to be taking is a hot water service and gas bottle!

Well after just getting 10 days away I can honestly tell you that our Joolca hottap will be one of the first things packed from now on! It made our life so easy!

We were not away camping at a station this holiday, but we were at a caravan park and taking our youngest to have a shower was a complete nightmare when you don’t have the ability just to pass the kids out to your partner when they are all done. This Hottap allowed us just at the end of the night throw the kids in the shell, give them a hot bath and we were all done! Fantastic for doing the dishes as well!

The setup of the Joolca is really easy. Connect your water source, your shower head and gas. It really is that easy. When you turn on the shower head the Joolca fires up and within seconds you have hot water with adjustable temperature.

You can use and water source and there is the option of a pump so you can pump from a stream or creek if you don’t have running water.

If you like your luxuries while your away camping of you have a young family get yourself a Joolca Hottap. You won’t regret it!


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  • Gary Brown

    March 20, 2020 at 6:19 pm

    Awesome review! I love my Joolca HOTTAP! Bush shower for days now!


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