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January 16, 2019Brett Heinrich0

So about 12 months ago I decided it was time to invest in a compressor for my off-road adventures. Now I’m someone who always likes to buy quality so after a lot of research I was sold that ARB was my best option. It wasn’t the cheapest option, but I figured I would be able to buy it once and it will last me a lifetime!

Only problem I had was which one! ARB produce 2 portable compressors. The High Output compressor and the Twin motor compressor. The most popular in their range is the High output compressor which is the one I went for. I have used it over the last 12 months and I can’t fault it. Its fast to pump up the tyres, pumping about 10psi per minute which is its main job in my car! It also comes in a solid box and when you pick it up you know it’s going to last you a long time!

I spoke to the guys at ARB about trying out their portable twin compressor model. When it arrived, I was a bit surprised about how solid and heavy duty this thing was, but it wasn’t that much bigger than the High output one I had previously. Obviously this one has a twin motor pumping about 20 psi per minute, but the other big difference is the 4 lt Air tank. This unit also comes with a couple extras including a blow gun which is great for cleaning those air filters. This little beast is also great for using any type of air tool. Pretty awesome considering its size and portability!

Both compressors come with the air hose and a range of fittings. I find it extremely hard to fault these compressors or their packaging, but I would love to see ARB put a tyre gauge in with the unit.

So which one should you buy…..….well that all depends on a few different things. How much storage space you have? Do you want the ability to use a blow gun or air tools? and of course your budget. The high output single compressor coming in at around $400 and the twin model just under $900.

Some of my photos below will should you the difference in size between the 2 compressors.

If you want a compressor that will last you a lifetime grab one of the ARB compressors!

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